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Our Transitions Program

In the NCJA Transitions program, our two and early three year olds are truly unique! They now possess the basic, if not matured, verbal skills and knowledge of what THEY feel is necessary for their happiness. It takes a very special environment to handle the Terrific Twos and aren’t they (you) lucky to have found it here at Nebo Crossing Junior Academy!

They will thoroughly enjoy the opportunity of moving into a different environment and having the advantage of expressing himself with many different sensory activities.

Twos can be Terrific!

Have you ever tried to get a two year old to play in one room all day? Nebo Crossing Junior Academy is indeed unique with our ability to have your child’s Lead Teacher accompany his or her group to our Multi-Purpose Room where he or she will join in activities in an environment created for a specific purpose.

We will use all of our resources in a developmentally appropriate manner to ease your toddler into these exciting new experiences. The curriculum will specifically focus on promoting your child’s feeling of self-esteem and the beginnings of social skills. Each teacher and specialist is highly qualified and experienced and knows all the wonderful ways to make each day a creative, stimulating, and happy time. When these terrific twos hit the outside playground, you've never seen so many smiles in one place in all your life!


Daily Snapshot

  • Four Word Sentences

  • Speech Development

  • Word Recognition

  • Music Classes

  • Dramatic and Puppetry Arts

  • Artistic Experiences

  • Story Time

  • Private Reading

  • Toy Sharing

  • Science

  • Geography

  • Counting Time

  • Personal Awareness

  • Sensory Skills

  • Sand and Water Play

  • Outdoor Time

  • Toilet Training

  • Self Esteem


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