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Our Pre-K Program

The Nebo Crossing Junior Academy Pre-K Program is designed to prepare your child for kindergarten. However, once a child goes through our program, many long-term NCJA parents notice that their child not only breezes through kindergarten entrance requirements, but also has already learned most of the kindergarten-level fundamental instruction.

Just like the Preschool Program, the Pre-K curriculum is designed to conduct a structured learning environment coupled with large and small group learning times.

Continued instruction on upper and lower case letters, pronunciation of letters, counting and recognition of numbers, review of shapes and colors, teaching primary and secondary colors, teaching theme related topics, and much more.

Advanced language arts, science, reading and writing, math, art, and dramatic play will all be a part of your child’s daily schedule.

Ready for school!


Daily Snapshot

  • Reading and literacy

  • Spelling

  • Writing

  • Advanced art

  • Science

  • Kindergarten preparatory learning and evaluations

  • Music

  • Singing

  • Dancing

  • Creative expression

  • Advanced social interaction


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