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Our Crawler Program

The crawler program has lots to offer your little explorer. Now that they are becoming more mobile, there are new activities and learning opportunities awaiting them.

One of the primary goals of the Nebo Crossing Academy Crawler Program is to encourage transitions.


In the crawler program, everything we do is centered around preparation for their next step; the toddler program. While the crawler program shares much of the same curriculum as the infant room, there are some significant differences. These differences correspond to the child’s increased physical ability, decreased dependency for basic needs, increased motor activity and increased overall awareness of the world around them.


As an infant, your little one was sitting on the sidelines – now they are starting to get into the game.

On the Move

Once your child is able to sit unassisted, she will move from our infant classroom to our crawler classroom. Our crawler curriculum provides a scheduled environment to allow the children to prepare for the toddler classroom. During your child’s time in our crawler area, your child will experience many new things - from crawling to standing up on her own then on to cruising then walking.


The teachers form and implement lesson plans to prepare your child for their next step at NCJA. Daily communication is prepared for each child to inform the parent of the child’s eating and sleeping habits.

In the Crawler program, we will begin to build core and leg muscles to work toward walking, move from baby food to table food, and we will begin working on social skills of sharing and knowing their own space. We will begin using basic sign language for please, more, and thank you.


Daily Snapshot

  • Sensory stimulation & related exercises

  • Coordination exercises

  • Practice feeding self, holding bottle and start drinking from cups

  • Introduction of table foods

  • Transition from sitting and crawling to walking and standing

  • Storytelling and book reading

  • Increased social interaction exercises


Nebo Crossing Junior Academy’s crawler program was created as a transition between our infant program and toddler program.


Many schools have no such transition, but we have found that most children benefit from a slow and calculated transition between infancy and the challenges of being in a toddler class.


That’s why so much of the focus in this class is placed on getting our little crawlers ready for the toddler program.

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