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Our Infant Program

Our infant program is more than just repeat feedings and diaper changing. Believe it or not, infants do learn, and are highly stimulated by the environment around them.

This is why we make sure our infant rooms are perfect for your new little addition; from the temperature of the room to the temperature of their bottle – we focus on every detail. Additionally, we make sure we do things in much the same way as you would do them. We want your baby to learn in an environment that’s safe, warm, calm and relaxing – listening to soothing sounds while clutching their blankie and passie.

We know all too well the fears new parents have but rest assured, your little baby boy or baby girl will be in the best possible arms when they are not in yours. We can’t wait to meet your beautiful baby!

A Bright New World

At NCJA, all of our babies have personal linens and their own private changing pads. Our changing stations are sterilized between each change. Our Infant Suite caregivers have been especially chosen for their knowledge and love of babies and their keen ability to adhere strictly to parents requirements.


We always maintain very, very, low caregiver/baby ratios with mature, responsible staff who are intimately familiar with the temperaments and personality of your baby.

We will follow your infant Profile Sheet, step by loving step and according to your own mothering/fathering style, so that you may always know that your baby is being cared for EXACTLY as you instructed.

As your schedule permits, you are always free to call or come by and join us at baby’s meal time, take your baby for a stroll through the park, or a gently rock them to sleep before nap-time. We are your partner in the daily care of your infant and we appreciate the opportunity of sharing this special time with you.


Daily Snapshot

  • Eating according to a discussed schedule

  • Changing diapers on schedule (and obviously off-schedule)

  • Taking naps

  • Playtime

  • Storytime

  • Snuggle and loving time (that's pretty much all day)

  • Interaction with other babies

  • Early sounds and instruction

  • Promoting a soothing and loving atmosphere while you’re away


We understand your fears and concerns as a new parent. Our sole purpose is to make the transition as easy as possible. We know you miss your little one, and being a new mom or dad means worrying about pretty much everything. The last thing you’ll have to worry about is the happiness of your baby.

Our highly trained staff will keep in constant communication with you, and provide details of milestones and daily experiences. New parents are never out of the loop.

Our infant program provides the foundation of early learning; getting your infant ready for learning through play and structure is important. The greatest part of being at Nebo Crossing Junior Academy is the peace of mind new parents have knowing their infant is in the best hands, being cared for in a sincere and capable way and learning new things each day.

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